Monthly Archives: October 2014

Home! What is Home? What does it mean to us? A place of peace- rest- affection? Of gaiety- and laughter? The place we love- reverence- yearn for? Enjoy? For which we are ready to work, and plan and strive? Or does it mean confusion, inharmony? Hour after hour of petty quarrels, differences? Frowns and fault-finding? Injustice and misunderstanding? Home is first of all within ourselves. The most stately of mansions, the richest… Read More

I don’t know about you, but when the family goes on our annual fall outing, we tend to “over do it” on fresh fruits and veggies! All of those bins of apples and pumpkins look so festive and delicious, that we always end buying as though we will never again, get the chance. Of course, my job is to figure out what do to with the bounty! This Apple-Berry Crisp is quick… Read More

On the off chance that you haven’t tried Harpersfield Farmstead cheese yet…I’m going to tempt you again…. The Catskill Mountains have been calling us lately. We just can’t seem to stay away from the fresh air, the open space and the lovely people. In case you missed my post on our “field trip” to the Brovetto family dairy, you can read it here. ‎ I found these Harpersfield Farmstead cheeses at Barbers… Read More

When people hear that I am married to the butcher they often comment that we must eat well. They are right. But, there are days when it’s hard to convince the butcher to bring home dinner! Yep, it’s true. There are also days where I prefer to start dinner early in the day to prevent that mad rush after school. And then, there are some days I feel slightly lazy, and look… Read More