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This recipe for Prime Rib will be a delicious dinner for any special occasion, although in our family, my Mother-in Law makes this recipe every year on Christmas Day. The spicy crust and the melt in your mouth texture of the rib roast is just an amazing combination. With all of the gift giving hub bub, and festive celebration, this roast will be a simple addition to your…

Risotto is gorgeous side dish…that despite its reputation is not difficult to prepare. It just takes a little patience. So grab a glass of wine and give this Mushroom and White Truffle Butter Risotto a whirl. I promise…you will not be disappointed!

Looking for a showstopper this holiday? Frenched Rack of Lamb looks super fancy, yet roasts in the oven in just under thirty minutes. Rack of Lamb is expensive…but absolutely worth it! Serve this dish if you are feeding a smaller crowd. A little bit goes a long way and will certainly be an unforgettable holiday meal. Depending on the appetites of your guests, I would suggest one rack for every two to… Read More

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My challenge this year, of cooking every cut of meat that The Butcher has to offer, has really opened my eyes to how food and certain dishes shape our families. People are drawn to gatherings by special dishes that are prepared, sometimes just for that certain holiday and enjoyed only once a year. Coming from an Italian and Irish background we celebrate Christmas in our home, but this year…

Originally posted on Chowfancy:
Are you hoping to prepare a fancy and??delicious holiday dinner? When you are looking to entertain a large group of people and still have time to enjoy your guests…Beef Tenderloin, otherwise know as Filet Mignon Roast, is the way to go. This tender, juicy cut of beef is simple to prepare and will roast in your oven in less than an hour! Yep, if you have never cooked…