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#thefarmerslife #thebutcherslife A THING OF BEAUTY IS A JOY FOREVER: IT’S LOVELINESS INCREASES; IT WILL NEVER PASS INTO NOTHINGNESS… JOHN KEATS, (Endymion book 1; an excerpt) Beauty is more than something we see. Beauty is something that is within a person or place; a feeling that at times cannot be described. True beauty is experienced. A wonderful part of being married to The Butcher is the many new adventures that it brings!… Read More

Happy Spring! With all of the time I’ve been spending at Our Market, hosting holiday dinner at home has become a bit more challenging. I know I’m not alone though, as many parents are working these days and would still like to host a beautiful holiday get together. Follow along over the next two weeks as I post the recipes for this simple yet delicious menu that the family will love! Planning… Read More

Are you planning to cook up this traditional meal for your family on St. Patrick’s Day? My Grandmother always made this special meal, and I have wonderful memories because of the time spent sharing dinner with her. Β Even though my Grandmother was of Dutch Heritage, she would prepare this dish for my Grandfather who was Irish and Italian. Today, I make the same Irish Soda Bread that she used to bake and… Read More