This may sound ridiculous, but The Butcher had put a ban on my efforts of perfecting pork chops. Yep, I know, crazy right? Well, he was nice about it…but he kindly asked that I stop cooking pork chops…because it just wasn’t working.  So, for a few years I bypassed the pork section of the meat case.

For the past several years, a smoked ham has been my go-to dish for Easter Sunday. The fact that it is fully cooked and just needs to be heated through has had a lot to do with it…but also it really is delicious when topped with a sweet glaze and served with yummy side dishes.

Bring back Sunday Supper with this unbelievably delicious Bacon Wrapped Berkshire Pork Roast! I love spending quality time with family, and in our house, that usually means a meal is involved. When I was younger, Sunday was considered family day. Nothing formal was planned, but we knew that it was the day to spend together at home. Now, with my own children, I try to carry on that tradition. It is mind clearing… Read More