“I’m just a Mother”….I answered…when asked what my occupation was… “Mothers are the most important people” …he replied…without hesitation…. ~Wow~ …it took me a moment….   We learn so much from our Mothers….so much more than we can ever realize…most of who we are …we owe to our Mothers, or to those who have been “Like a Mother” to us. Being a Mother…I now know how much time and effort we… Read More

If you have been following my blog over the past few months, you will have heard me rave about Mimi Thorisson and her beautiful french cookbook. Well, it just so happens that the gentleman who writes the culinary and photography blog named “My French Heaven” is very good friends with Mimi. I love when a new post of “My French Heaven” hits my inbox. The photography is beautiful and always inspires me… Read More