Thanksgiving is almost here… Lets make it a great one! Hosting a holiday meal, whether it be for five or twenty-five, needn’t be stressful. Take a moment now to review the guest list, read through your recipes and shop for any items that you will need. Rosé was the wine of the summer…so I have decided to carry it right into fall with this Rosé and Sage Roasted Turkey. Many of… Read More

I’m not sure about you, but when I start planning the menu for any event, I tend to go overboard on the food. I don’t really mean too many leftovers, but more so that I try to make too many different dishes. My new motto has become “Quality…not Quantity “. When I think of the motto, it reminds me to scratch at least two dishes from the menu. This way I am… Read More

This beautiful salad will be a simple yet fancy addition to your Thanksgiving dinner. Poaching a pear is so easy and the bacon and blue cheese just put this plate over the top!