Our Method In our home, we have a method. If you’d like something to happen or if you’d like to accomplish something …then write something down. Every January, The Butcher and I and our boys, discuss our goals for the coming year. Owning a   small family business means that every decision  we make will affect all of us. Together we decide what we would each like to accomplish. Our love of… Read More

#thefarmerslife #thebutcherslife A THING OF BEAUTY IS A JOY FOREVER: IT’S LOVELINESS INCREASES; IT WILL NEVER PASS INTO NOTHINGNESS… JOHN KEATS, (Endymion book 1; an excerpt) Beauty is more than something we see. Beauty is something that is within a person or place; a feeling that at times cannot be described. True beauty is experienced. A wonderful part of being married to The Butcher is the many new adventures that it brings!… Read More

With the summer holidays approaching and the weather warming up, it’s time to stoke up those barbecues and grill up some perfection! In our house…The Butcher Cuts, and I Cook…. that means grilling too! Grilling a Steak or Burger can be intimidating, but only if you let it be~ Follow these tips…and you will grill up fabulous dinners this summer! FIRST THINGS FIRST….THE TOOLS~ Make life easier for yourself, by investing in… Read More

This may sound ridiculous, but The Butcher had put a ban on my efforts of perfecting pork chops. Yep, I know, crazy right? Well, he was nice about it…but he kindly asked that I stop cooking pork chops…because it just wasn’t working.  So, for a few years I bypassed the pork section of the meat case.

I love January… I love Sundays, good food, time spent with family, beautiful dishes, clementines, fancy perfume, rustic recipes, fresh-cut flowers, cookbooks, everything french, quality handcrafted and useful objects, fine chocolates, special cheeses and prosciutto, Champagne, Cabernet and a top quality steak…that has been grilled to perfection. I am inspired by …people with artistic vision, kind hearts, lively conversations, vintage finds and old photos, the color red, great music of any genre,… Read More

” He didn’t tell me how to live; he lived and let me watch him do it”~ -Clarence Budington Kelland- Quality over Quantity… The artistry in Butchering…. Family Business… Top Quality and Customer Service~

    St. Patrick’s Day is so whimsical and fun that whether or not you have Irish heritage, it is an enjoyable day to celebrate. My Grandmother always prepared Corned Beef and Cabbage on St. Patrick’s Day, and it was a meal that I really looked forward to.

Are you planning to prepare a family dinner this Valentine’s Day? If so then Bistro Filet, would be the perfect dish. Bistro Filet tastes similar to Filet Mignon, yet looks more like a piece of Pork Tenderloin. Bistro Filet is super tender, easy to cook and the best part….much less expensive than Filet Mignon. Not all Butcher’s carry this cut of Beef, but R&S Meat Market is lucky enough that D’Artagnan brings… Read More

Serve these fancy Cannoli Whipped Cream filled Puffs for dessert this Christmas~ Bake these Cannoli Whipped Cream filled puffs this Christmas…your family will be super impressed!! The best thing is that they look fancy but are really quick and easy to put together…. I’m starting with the filling….because this can be made the day or so ahead.