Thanksgiving is almost here… Lets make it a great one! Hosting a holiday meal, whether it be for five or twenty-five, needn’t be stressful. Take a moment now to review the guest list, read through your recipes and shop for any items that you will need. Rosé was the wine of the summer…so I have decided to carry it right into fall with this Rosé and Sage Roasted Turkey. Many of… Read More

  ( A NOTE ABOUT THIS RECIPE POST WHICH WE WROTE IN 2014! The Butcher has found that he prefers the D’Artagnan All Natural Turkey to the one that we used in this recipe…so R&S Meat Market will exclusively carry the All Natural No Hormone…No Antibiotic Fresh Turkey from D’Artagnan…the Recipe and other ingredients remain the same!)…Happy Cooking! Even a seasoned cook and entertainer gets butterflies at the thought of roasting an… Read More